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For two decades, Stiles Capital Events (SCE) has been involved in event management, communications and marketing in the publishing, entertainment and hospitality industries.

SCE is proud to have spearheaded the development of HICAP (Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific) in 1989, and since then has become Asia-Pacific’s largest and longest-running hotel investment event.

SCE continues to manage aspects of HICAP together with our partners, Burba Hotel Network (BHN) and Horwath HTL. HICAP expanded with HICAP UPDATE in 2009, and AOCAP (Alternative Ownership Conference Asia Pacific) in March 2014. HICAP is held in Hong Kong every fall, while HICAP UPDATE and AOCAP are hosted annually in Singapore every spring.

HICAP continues to serve as the region’s essential gathering of hotel developers, investors, lenders, operators and other affiliated groups. To view then full HICAP website, please click here.

SCE is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.